School Leaders Program


School Leaders (K-12) Concentration (with certification): Program Information

School Leaders (K-12) Concentration (with certification): Program Information The K-12 School Leadership School Leaders (K-12) Concentration (with certification) concentration prepares aspiring teacher leaders and assistant principals to meet the challenges of today’s public and private educational institutions. The program is designed for individuals who want to further specialize in education and school leadership beyond a Master’s Degree and who do not have a M.Ed. in School Leadership. Developed in cooperation with Florida public school districts, the program of study is built on the four major domains that ELRM requires for leadership learning: leadership foundations, research foundations, professional knowledge and experiential learning. To fulfill the requirements of the Specialist Degree program, students take coursework aligned to the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to be a school leader, program-provided seminars, and task-specific internship courses with curricula built to practice assistant principal-level activities in school-based clinical experiences.