Forms and Policies

Homeless Verification Form

It is our mission to address the needs of students who come from challenging backgrounds such as the foster care system or homelessness. These populations may be eligible for additional support in regards to finances and resources on or off campus. Please complete the Homeless Verification form on this page, so that we may begin the process of finding resources to assist you.

Exceptional Circumstance Withdrawal

Exceptional Circumstances Withdrawal Packets submitted, are for all courses and should be submitted during the semester for which the withdrawal is requested and at least two (2) weeks prior to the last day of classes.

Beyond Food Program

The Beyond Food Program and Food Pantry operates primarily on the referrals from FAU Faculty, Staff, and fellow students who refer students who may need temporary assistance. The Beyond Food Program and Food Pantry is a holistic program that utilizes the expertise of various on and off campus resources in assisting students in need to raise their food security level to persist toward academic success. Furthermore, based on the availability of donations we would like to serve any student by providing a 3-day emergency supply of canned and/or non-perishable food to those experiencing food insecurity.

Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment

This policy applies to all Florida Atlantic University (“University” or “FAU”) students, faculty and staff, including applicants for admission and employment and third parties present on campus (contractors, vendors, alumni or visitors), who are both protected by and subject to this policy with regards to claims of prohibited discrimination and harassment. The University does not tolerate acts of discrimination or harassment based on protected status, or retaliation based on protected activities.

Student Code of Conduct

The University’s Student Code of Conduct is an integral part of the educational mission of the University, emphasizing the development of each individual’s acceptance of their own personal and social responsibilities. This regulation ensures fairness in the implementation of procedural requirements and establishes foundational values and expectations for all students.

Anti-discrimination and Anti-harassment Policy

Florida Atlantic University (“FAU”) is committed to providing a workplace and educational environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. To facilitate compliance with federal, state, and local civil rights laws and regulations, and to affirm its commitment to promoting the goals of fairness and equity in all aspects of the educational enterprise, FAU has developed internal policies and procedures that provide a prompt, fair, and equitable process for those involved in allegations of discrimination or harassment. FAU values the dignity of all members of its community.