Dean’s Certifications & Records Requests

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The Dean's Certification process is utilized to provide verification of information located in a student’s personal FAU conduct records. A Dean’s Certification may be required by graduate and professional schools; state bar associations; government or independent agencies when applying for admission or employment. This process allows for the sharing of student conduct records with outside parties, with the permission of the student associated with those records. After approval to release information has been received, the Dean of Students’ office will provide confirmation of any violation of University policies, and subsequent University actions or proceedings that resulted from these violations.

Most institutions or agencies will provide you with a form for you to submit to the Dean of Students' Office for completion. You will need to complete, sign and upload that form to our system. Our office will then complete the form or send a letter of clearance directly to the institution or agency from which the request originated. If a form is not provided, the Dean of Students’ Office is able provide a general letter to verify good standing, or inform the recipient of the general facts of any incidents, violations, and sanctions, as applicable. Letters of reference will only be sent directly to a school or agency.

The certification process may take up to 15 days to complete. The requests are processed in the order in which they are received.

If you have questions regarding your records request, please contact Ryan Iocco in the Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution at 561-297-3542 or at

What You Need To Know

For further information on records requests see the attached PDF.

Common Application - Transfer Registrar’s report:

You will need to complete a Dean of Students Records Request form correctly and completely. Please make sure to provide an FAU email address and a phone number that is active. FAU will fill out hard copy forms only; the steps of how to get a ‘hard copy’ of the online Common App are in the PDF Attached.

All Other Types of Transfer/Admission/Study Abroad/Reference Forms

Make sure that any form with fields requiring your signature to release records, have been signed and you have filled out any sections designated for the student to complete.

Requesting a Letter of Reference/Good Standing

The Dean of Students Office will provide a general notice to verify good standing, or informing the recipient of the general facts of any incidents, violations, and sanctions as applicable. Letters of reference will only be sent directly to a school or agency. Letters of reference are not eligible for office pick up, and copies will not be provided to the student.

Background Check for a Government Agent/Contractor

A signed release from the student or former student, Business card or badge number, and Contact Information is needed for the Dean of Students Office to Perform a Background Check on a current or former student.

 Last Modified 1/2/20