Mail and Shipping Services

Faculty and Staff

Welcome to the mailing room!

Manager:  Deborah Mcmanus, Ext. 7-2250,

Team leader: TBD

Mail Room extensions:  7-2250 and 7-3172

Common Information and questions:

What are the hours of operation?
We are open to the public Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm.
What dates the mailing room accept deliveries?

We receive deliveries as follows:

  • Monday thru Saturday USPS
  • Monday thru Friday UPS, DHL, FedEx, Freight, any other carrier
  • No deliveries are received on holidays

We deliver as follows:

  • Monday thru Friday. Saturday delivery is delivered on Monday.
  • No deliveries are delivered on holidays

Incoming Mail:
Incoming mail arrives to the university mailroom at different times Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. The mail is sorted by our staff and then delivered throughout the university according to daily scheduled times.

  • Mail room  routes run twice a day (8:30 and 1:30) with regular first class mail and intra mail envelops.
  • All FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS packages (with a tracking number)strong> are delivered the next day from the date received at the mailing room with exception of FedEx and UPS Express and UPS savers. These types of mail are delivered on the same day from the moment they are received at the mailing room.
    Sample, FedEx Ground is showing delivery to the mailing room today, the package will be out for delivery by one of our staff members tomorrow. FedEx Express is showing delivery today to the mailing room, the package will be out for delivery the same day.
  • Personal packages:  As per policy, staff members should not be using the university address to receive personal packages. Any personal packages will be put on hold for pick up. Mailing room employee will contact customer via phone or email.
  • How can I locate my package?  You can call the mailing room to get more information on your delivery. We will need the tracking number of the package(s) that you are trying to locate.
  • My package come today and I need it now.  Please email the manager and team leader the tracking number of the item you need and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. However, please keep in consideration that we have to service the whole university and this cannot always be possible.
  • Proper Addressing
    The following suggestions will help us process your mail speed up delivery:
    • Full name of the person or department.
    • Building number (no letters) and room
      John Maldo or FAU or Mailing Room Manager
      777 Glades Rd
      Building 69 Room 145
      Boca Raton, FL 33431

Outgoing Department Mail:
Outgoing mail is picked up from each department at the same time as the incoming mail is delivered unless other arrangements are being made.
To avoid delay, when using campus mail envelops be sure to include name and building number, no letters please. Please also including your information in case we cannot complete the delivery, we will return it to sender. All the mail picked up in the morning will be process on the same date guaranteed. However, all the mail picked up in the afternoon may not make the cut out time, which means that it will go out on the next business day. For this reason, we encourage all staff members to have their mail ready for the morning pickup.

  • Proper Addressing
    The following suggestions will help us process your mail speed up delivery:
    • Full name of the person, department, or business name
    • Full address: Street Number, Street name, City, State, and Zip Code
      John Maldo or FAU or Mailing Room Manager
      5739 Knox Hall Rm 302
      Orono, ME 04469-5739
    • UPS, FEDEX does not delivery to PO BOXES
What time UPS, FedEx, and USPS pick up at FAU?

UPS and USPS pick up around 4:30pm. FedEx does not have a schedule pick up with FAU. All FedEx packages are pick up by the carrier when doing the delivery, the next day.

  • Mail to be metered:
    All mail to be metered is charged to the initiating department through Pitney Bowes Business Manager System using each department tag number. Departments are responsible to ensure that they are using the correct voucher with the correct department tag number. The most recent version of vouchers has a barcode on the top and the correct tag number should be underneath.
    The mailing room do not handle cash or stamps. We can only accept department vouchers. If you need to purchase stamps or pay in cash, please use the kiosk located next to the Business Service office.
  • Metered Mail preparation:
    Mail that needs to be metered and sealed should be presented to the mailing room with a voucher (dated and signed) in a stacked form, rubber banded together. If you need a barcode template, please email the manager or team leader with your request and TAG number.
What voucher do I need to use to mail UPS ground and overnight?
You can use the same voucher you use to mail regular letters. Please specify on the bottom what type of service you need and amount of insurance, if is needed.
What days do you ship to HBOI?
We ship to HBOI on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
What days to do ship to Jupiter?
We drive to Jupiter on daily basis.
We moved locations how can I notify the mailing room?
Please email the manager and team leader with the name, new and old location.
Can you please send me some intra-mail envelops?
Each department is responsible to purchase their own intra mail envelops. The mailing room can provide you if a few are available.
Can you please send me some supplies?
We can provide you with USPS, UPS, and Fedex envelops, boxes, and supplies. However, each department is responsible to purchase their own packaging supplies such us bubble wrap, peanuts, tape, etc.