Follett ACCESS Program

FAU has collaborated with Follett Bookstores and several national publishers to offer Follett’s ACCESS program which delivers all course materials, both print and digital to students at a substantial discount on or before the first day of class. Follett’s ACCESS Program allows students to opt-in to receive their discounted course materials. With a few easy steps, students gain instant access to their textbooks and save up to 40% off the national retail price.


What courses are participating in the program?

Spring Full, 1st Half, 1st & 2nd 5-week Terms: click here for the full list of courses

Follett ACCESS Opt-in & Opt-Out portal will be open until January 12, 5pm.

Spring 2nd Half and 3rd 5-week Terms: click here for the full list of courses

Follett ACCESS Opt-in & Opt-out portal will be open until March 15, 5pm.

Students in these courses will receive emails from  with instructions on how to opt-in. You can also check with your instructor or your course syllabus in Canvas to see if your course is participating. Keep reading on this page for more information on the process, including a very helpful video.


Can I use my financial aid?  

Yes! If you are receiving Federal financial aid in excess of tuition and fees, and you wish to apply this excess Federal aid to pay for non-institutional charges (including Follett ACCESS charges),  you must authorize Florida Atlantic University to pay these charges from your excess Federal aid.  This authorization must be provided prior to opting-in to the ACCESS program.

You may provide this authorization (or confirm that you have an authorization on file) by completing the steps under "Federal Funds Authorization" found at this link.

To avoid unexpected charges, holds, or delays, make sure to  check your account balance before the end of the add/drop period:

Spring Full, 1st Half, and 1st & 2nd 5-week Terms: January 12, 5pm

Spring 2nd Half and 3rd 5-week Terms: March 15, 5pm


What is the benefit of participating in the program?

The goals of this pilot are to improve textbook affordability, and to improve your success in class. Participating in this program, will bring deeply discounted prices on your textbooks, the guaranteed right materials, and the ability to access your textbooks on or before the first day of class.


How do I opt-in to receive my textbooks?

You will receive an email from the FAU Bookstore at , notifying you of your enrollment in a Follett ACCESS course. Follow the link in the email to the opt-in portal, enter your FAU NetID, and opt-in to the materials

 Follett Customer Portal


  • After opting-in, you’ll receive an email with your materials enclosed.  The charge for the materials will be posted directly to your FAU student account and is eligible to be paid by qualifying financial awards.  If you drop the course during the add/drop period, charges will be refunded automatically.
  • Still have questions? Watch this video and  download this PowerPoint presentation  for further information.


What is the deadline to opt-in?

You must opt-in or out by 01/12/2024 (Spring 1, 2, 4, 5) or 03/15/2024 (Spring 3, 6) to receive these substantial discounts. If you do not opt-in by this date, you can still purchase materials from the Follett bookstore in person or online.


How do I pay for my textbooks? 

Charges for course materials purchased in the Follett ACCESS program will be added to your FAU student account under the title “Follett ACCESS Materials”. For payment options, visit:

If you are wanting to pay with a third party payment through the campus store such as FAU High, Vocational Rehab, Veterans Affairs, Athletics Scholarship, or other book scholarship, you are not eligible to use this program.


What happens if I drop the course?

If you drop the course before the posted drop deadline, you will not be charged. However, if the course is dropped after the deadline, the student is responsible for ALL fees associated with the dropped course.


Who do I contact if I need technical support accessing my textbooks?

The Follett Bookstore Manager, Cheri McLeod-Pearcey will be able to assist with any questions or problems you may encounter purchasing or receiving course materials during this Follett ACCESS pilot program. The manager’s office is located on the Boca Raton campus and can be contacted using the info below:

  • Cheri Pearcey, email:, phone: 561.297.3720