What kind of student can choose the certificate?
A student pursuing any major (degree seeking) can elect the certificate. A non-degree student can also choose the certificate.

How do I select the certificate?
To select the Certificate, students must print the major/minor change form (this can be found on the PJHR web page) and add the PJHR Certificate under “add 1st minor” and have the Executive Director sign. Then, the student is responsible for providing the form directly to the Registrar Office.

Which courses should I select?
Please see our curriculum on the web page.

I have taken or seen similar courses that are not listed. Can those courses count toward the Certificate?
This is determined on a case-by-case basis by the Executive Director.

Are there any pre-requisite courses for the Certificate Program?

How do I register for courses in the Certificate?
Registration for Certificate courses is exactly the same as all other courses at FAU.

I am about to graduate. How do I ensure that the Certificate shows on my transcript?
College student advisors check with us to determine if you have met the requirements for awarding the Certificate.

Will the Certificate show on my transcript?
Yes, it will be listed as a minor in PJHR per the reporting of the Registrar Office.

Can you tell me about the courses?
For information about the course content and grading, please see the faculty member of record.

Can I get financial aid to complete the Certificate?
Please speak directly to the Registrar Office and Financial Aid.

Is any course specifically required for the Certificate?
No. Please see our web page.

What can I do with this Certificate?
It provides a good grounding for those interested in law school, law enforcement, pursuing graduate school, education and careers in government.

Is there a Department of PJHR or faculty?
No. The Certificate is run by PJHR in the College of Arts and Letters. Pre-existing courses are drawn from various disciplines. PJHR does not have its own faculty but works with faculty drawn from various disciplines and departments.

Is there a PJHR major or minor?