Stephen Charbonneau

Stephen Charbonneau

Associate Professor
School of Communication & Multimedia Studies

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Research - My work in film and media studies over the last ten years increasingly dovetails with the concerns of Florida Atlantic University's Initiative for Global Peace, Justice, and Human Rights. Rather than address commercial and experimental forms of the moving image, my research focuses on less familiar terrain, on nontheatrical and pedagogical uses of film, video, and digital media. These educational deployments of visual media are often designed to bridge difference, facilitating conversations across racial, sexual, and economic barriers. Early publications drew on my doctoral dissertation and include a critical and historical look at the New York-based youth media organization, the Educational Video Center; an historical analysis of the founding of the Appalachian Film Workshop in 1969; as well as a discussion of the youth media collective, Global Action Project, and its famed participatory documentary, Peace of Mind, produced collaboratively by Israeli and Palestinian youth. This spring my first book, Projecting Race: Postwar America, Civil Rights, and Educational Documentary, will be published by Wallflower Press/Columbia University Press.