Mehmet Gurses

Mehmet Gurses

Associate Professor
Department of Political Science

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Mehmet Gurses (PhD in Political Science, University of North Texas, 2007) is an associate professor of Political Science at Florida Atlantic University. His research interests include ethnic and religious conflict, post-civil war peace building, post-civil war democratization, Kurdish politics, and the emergence and evolution of the Islamist parties in the Middle East.

His publications have appeared in such journals as International Interactions, Social Science Quarterly, Civil Wars, Defense and Peace Economics, Democratization, International Studies Perspectives, Party Politics, Conflict Management and Peace Science, Political Research Quarterly, and Comparative Politics. His work on transnational ethnic kin and civil war outcomes was awarded Honorable Mention for Best Article in 2015 by the Political Research Quarterly. He is comparative politics and international relations editor of the journalPolitics and Religion (Cambridge University Press).