Allan Barsky


School of Social Work

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Research - His book authorships include Conflict Resolution for the Helping Professions (Oxford University Press), Clinicians in Court (Guilford Press), and Ethics and Values in Social Work (Oxford University Press). He is Past Chair of the National Association of Social Work National Ethics Committee and currently chairs a national task force to review and update the NASW Code of Ethics to take the use of electronic technology into account. In 2015, Dr. Barsky won the NASW “Excellence in Ethics Award” and in 2007 Dr. Barsky won the FAU Creative Scholar Award. Dr. Barsky’s work relates to the mandate of the Peace, Justice, and Human Rights Initiative in a number of ways: Teaching students and professionals how to incorporate interest-based and transformative conflict resolution to resolve issues related to values, ethics, beliefs, miscommunication, and other sources of conflict (including skills such as active listening, demonstrating empathy, perspective taking, apologizing, and offering forgiveness). Advocating for human rights, including adoption, marriage equality, and protection from workplace discrimination for the LGBTQ communities. Engaging individuals, communities, and groups in civil, collaborative discussions of challenging issues (e.g., abortion, end-of-life decision making, clients with suicidal ideation, gun rights and safety, and conflicting religious beliefs). Helping students and community members identify relevant values, morals, and ethics to guide their interactions and decision making.Training students and professionals to act as mediators and facilitators.