Getting Started

1. Prospective student applies for Admissions submits required documentation:
New College Students
Transfer Students

2. If applicable fill out Non Florida Resident Waiver for in-state tuition:

3. Prospective student (active duty, veteran, or dependent of active duty or veteran) contacts the Office of Military and Veteran Affairs for basic information regarding FAU.

4. Prospective student receives admissions letter and applies for financial aid by completing FAFSA online. Students utilizing VA benefits will need to complete a Certification Request Form. If transferring, student must also complete a Change of Program or Place of Training Form and a prior Education and Training Education Form.

5. Admitted student completes OARS online and schedules advising appointment.

6. Admitted student attends orientation and learns of other programs/services offered at FAU. Virtual orientation available for out-of-state active servicemen/women. Orientation is mandatory for all students.

7. Admitted student enrolls in courses.

8. Admitted student is invited to Week of WOW: Military and Veterans Open House: "Meet and Mingle" to meet other military and veteran students and learn about specific military and veteran services and programs.



   As  of July 1, 2015 all dependents receiving GI benefits will receive instate tuition as long as they reside in Florida while attending the university.