Using your Education Benefit at FAU

To receive your benefit from the VA All students are required to electronically complete the VA Certification Request Form as provided from our office. The request is used to submit an electronic enrollment certification (VA From 22-1999) to the VA for the term. The submission is complete electronically, please do not submit the PDF from to our office. 

Note:  A request form is required for each semester

  1. Enrollment Certification Request
    1. The form is made available 30 days prior to the start date of each full-term of the semester. 
    2. Length of time to complete the enrollment:  30 days 
    3. Our office processes all request in the order they are received, or First In, First Out (FIFO).
    4. Required- A copy of the COE (for all chapters with the exception of Chapter 31 (VR&E))
    5. All other instructions and requirements are based on the student’s status, please review the form in its entireties for the specific requirements pertaining to your status at FAU. 
    6. Repeat the above with each new semester


Note:  Your COE must be dated within 1 month of submission. If you are a returning student, you may use your most recent award letter (of the previous term) showing your remaining benefits.  **The form will not be processed unless all substantiating documents are included with the submission.   (Required/repeat with each semester) > Homepage > Resources > V.A. Enrollment Certification Request Form

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  1.  Purple Heart or Other Combat Decoration Superior in Precedence
    1. Purple Heart Waiver in the Florida College System
    2. At this time, the award is processed by the Financial Aid office.
    3. Turn-in your DD214 member 4 – as documentation that he or she has received a Purple Heart or other combat decoration superior in precedence.
    4. All other requirements are provided by the financial aid office.
  2. Tuition Assistance (TA) or Education Dollars for Duty (EDD)
    1. Turn in your approved TA/EDD documents to the controller’s office. 
    2. To request a deferment, complete the V.A. Enrollment Certification Form mentioned above.
      1. FL National Guard EDD
      2. Air Force tuition Assistance
      3. Army Tuition Assistance
      4. Navy Tuition Assistance
      5. Marines Tuition Assistance

Note : You must first apply for the EDD and TA form the respective department in order to use the benefits at FAU.

 Last Modified 6/14/21