Late Withdrawals - Undecided College/Major & Non-Degree Seeking Students Only


  • Petition for Reinstatement Form - Undecided College/Major & Non-Degree Seeking Students Only
    This form is to request reinstatement to FAU after having been previously academically dismissed for 3 semesters

Part-time Requests

  • Request to attend as a part-time student (must use FAU email to access)
    Request to attend as a part-time student for students with up to 45 earned credits (above 45 credits please contact your College advising office)

IFP/DARS Request

3rd Attempt Request

  • Third Attempt Form (must use FAU email to access)
    First and Second Year Students ONLY (45 or fewer completed credits and Undeclared Majors with any number of completed credits)

Returning Pathway Student

  • Returning Pathway Student Form
    If you're a student that participated in a Pathway Program (Jump Start, Academic Success Program) during the summer and is not eligible to contintue in the fall semester, please complete this request form so that your record can be reactivated for the spring.

Other Forms

Application for Admission to FAU 

Concurrent Enrollment Form
The purpose of the agreement is to provide financial assistance to eligible financial aid recipients who are enrolled for courses at another eligible institution during any term for which they are also enrolled at Florida Atlantic University (FAU).

Enrollment Verification Form 

Forgiveness Policy Form 

Gordon Rule Writing Evaluation Form

Immunization Form 

No Credit (NC) Grade Petition Form

Pre-Health Interest Declaration Form

Student Employment Work Form




 Last Modified 8/18/22