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What Victims of Sexual Assault can Expect from the University Police Department

    • The University Police Department maintains a policy to ensure sexual assault victims are afforded sensitivity and compassionate consideration. Investigating officers have received specialized training in the investigation of sex offenses. Topics discussed are Florida law, university philosophy and policy, sensitivity to the needs and feelings of the victim, support resources, and investigation methods.

    • The department will ensure a Victim Advocate is available throughout the process to address you and your significant others’ needs.

    • The department will ensure a Victim Advocate is available during all interviews with you according to your request.

    • The department will treat you with courtesy, sensitivity, dignity, and understanding.

    • The department will act thoughtfully without prejudging or blaming you and will consider each case seriously regardless of your gender.

    • Your request to speak to an officer of the same gender will be accommodated as available.

    • The department will inform you of services available on and off campus.

    • The department will answer your questions at any time and will explain the criminal justice system and process.

    • The department will diligently investigate each case thoroughly and consistently and will keep you informed on the progress of the case.

    • Your name and identifying information will be withheld from the public and press in accordance with the Florida Public Records Law.

    • You will be advised about any media request for case information so that you will not be surprised by information in media reports.

    • The department will provide case information to the minimum number of personnel needed to investigate the case effectively.

    • Your request concerning each further advancement of the judicial process will weight heavily on departmental decisions.

    • You have the right to refuse interviews.

  • The department will remember, at all times, that you are a person who has suffered great trauma and will respect that this may affect your actions and emotions.

Central Dispatch  561-297-3500   Victim Services 561-297-0500 


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