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Contact Us:

Emergencies Call 911

Victim Services Office: (561) 297- 4841

24/7 Victim Services Number: 561-297-0500 (ask to speak to an advocate)

The Florida Atlantic University Police Department’s Victim Services assists students, staff, faculty, and community members with the traumatizing consequences of being a victim of crime even if the crime occurred off campus. At Victim Services, advocates are available to help any FAU community member who identifies as a victim understand what resources are available to them and how to navigate the processes they may want to go through. You do not have to submit an official report to speak to an advocate. Whether the incident occurred on or off campus, in the past, or recently, Victim Services is here to help. Victim Services is available Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm in the S.E. Wimberly Library room 156. Advocates are also available through the 24-hour number, 561-297-0500 (ask to speak to an advocate). Advocates do not maintain the rights to confidentiality; however, advocates work to refer victims to confidential services available on and off campus as needed.

To learn more about your rights and options, please click on the link below:

Victim Rights Brochure

Folleto De Los Derechos De Las Víctimas

At Florida Atlantic University Police Department, we want to provide the members of our community, who are criminally victimized, with information and services to lessen the impact of victimization. Victim Services are also available to campus visitors who may be victimized on any FAU campus. The Victim Advocate can:

  • Provide Crisis Intervention
  • Give you information about victim’s rights according to Florida Statutes
  • Help you evaluate your options
  • Document your victimization for school or employers
  • Help you create a Safety Plan
  • Give you information and assistance about reporting crimes both within and outside the University
  • Accompany you to appointments at police stations, the state attorney's office, court rooms, Dean of Students, judicial hearings and elsewhere
  • Provide you with referrals to social services such as counseling, legal and medical
  • Coordinate assistance and services based on your individual needs
  • Explain how the judicial process works
  • Provide you with information about the progress of your individual case
  • Explain and assist you in applying for Victim compensation as designated by Florida Statute
  • Act as your liaison to the Criminal Justice Community

Places to Report

FAU Police Department This department assists in all emergency and safety concerns on campus. Any reports can be made at the FAU PD location, or it can be made via the phone. An officer can also meet you somewhere on campus in order to take a report. Any member within the FAU community or even non-members can contact FAU PD for any concerns or issues they may encounter. Reports can be made anonymously and non-anonymously. Filing a police report is not solely done so to press charges. A police report can be filed as an informational in order to start a paper trail. In case of an emergency, please dial 9-1-1. If it is a non-emergency report, please call 561-297-3500. The FAU Police Department is located on all campuses. The following link will help determine which number to call or the location of FAU PD based on your campus: 

Victim Services is also available for student related concerns that do not meet the criminal threshold. Any such concerns can be reported here:

For questions or more information regarding the university process, please visit:

YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE A POLICE REPORT TO TALK WITH AN ADVOCATE.   While making an official report is encouraged, it is not required. Victim Services are available even if the crime is not reported.

Community Resources

Palm Beach County Broward County
Palm Beach County Victim Services Division*
(Certified Rape Crisis Center)
Hotline: 561-833-7273
Women In Distress
(Certified Domestic Violence Provider)
Crisis Hotline: 954-761-1133
Phone: 954-760-9800
AVDA – Aid to survivors of Domestic Violence*
(Certified Domestic Violence Provider)
Crisis Hotline: 1-800-355-8547
Nancy J. Cotterman Center (NJCC)*
(Certified Rape Crisis Center)
Sexual Assault Helpline: 954-761-7273

Hope When You Need It Most/ 211 Palm Beach*
(24-Hour Crisis Help Line)

Phone: 211

Broward Legal Aid

Phone: 954-765-8950

Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County

Phone: (561) 655-8944

211 Broward*

24 Hour Crisis Help Line

Phone: 211

Text: 898211

Young Women’s Christian Association

Phone: (561) 640-0050

24-hour Domestic Violence Crisis Line: (561) 640-9844 or (800) 973-9922


For university resources:

* Services marked with an asterisk (*) maintain rights to confidentiality and provide confidential services to their clients.


Meet the Team


Candace Harrinarine, M.A.

Associate Director, Victim Services


Brittany Mascetti

Victim Advocate

Contact Us:

Emergencies Call 911

Victim Services Office: (561) 297- 4841

24/7 Victim Services Number: 561-297-0500 (ask to speak to an advocate)

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