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If you wish to remain anonymous, you may contact victim services by email at:  or call 561.297.0500.  You may report a crime without a police report being filed. 

Any reports of crime that could affect the safety and security of the University can still be reported anonymously but a timely warning may be issued to the community to ensure its safety.

Even though you choose to remain anonymous, you can still receive crisis intervention, ideas for safety planning, referrals to social services, facts about reactions to victimization and other necessary information.

Florida Statute 794.024  requires that the name, address or other identifiers of victims who report a sexual battery not be released to the public.

Victim compensation is not available unless a police report is made.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE A POLICE REPORT TO TALK WITH AN ADVOCATE.  While making an official report is encouraged, it is not required. Victim Services are available even if the crime is not reported.


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