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Office of Leadership Education And Development (LEAD) at FAU

LEAD at FAU invests in students to become change agents.

We are committed to providing an atmosphere that fosters learning, personal growth, and exploration of individual and group leadership and service skills. These ideals are consistent to that of the University's mission. We have an ideal program for you whether you are new to FAU, an established student leader, faculty or staff, or somewhere in between!

The LEAD Staff strives to assist students in developing their abilities surrounding four Guiding Principles:
Know - We guide Owls to discover knowledge garnered from curricular and co-curricular experiences to build a foundation for self-awareness.
Be - We enable Owls to process knowledge for self-discovery to create their purpose, cause or beliefs.
Do - We motivate Owls to align knowing and being through demonstrating their purpose and competencies developed through lead and serve programs in their communities as measured through reflection after the fact or, post-action.
Inspire - We encourage Owls who are competent in demonstrating Know. Be. Do. to mobilize others in their communities to create positive change.

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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” - Eleanor Roosevelt


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