Environmental Impacts

Eye-safe Animal Detection

Led by Anni Vuorenkoski Dalgleish, Ph.D.
Affiliated Home Campus: Harbor Branch
Affiliated Department: Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute


Throughout the summer of 2019, Samantha Chesser worked with Dr. Anni Vuorenkoski Dalgleish and her team on their underwater LiDAR imaging device designed to monitor marine animal behavior near Marine Hydrokinetic (MHK) sites. Samantha’s project focused on developing a procedure that allows for sensor calibration of the Unobtrusive Multi-static LiDAR Imager (UMSLI). With the help of Dr. Bing Ouyang and Guifang Tang, she developed a MATLAB simulation that models the calibration procedure of the digital micromirror device (DMD) located in the receivers of the device and ran preliminary tests on the DMD in the UMSLI prototype located at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute.

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HBOI ocean fish