Resource Assessment

AUV Based Turbulence Measurements

Led by Manhar Dhanak, Ph.D.
Affiliated Home Campus: Boca Raton
Affiliated Department: Ocean and Mechanical Engineering


Ocean turbulence is a very unknown area of study as there is no definite method or equation for representing it. The small scale ocean turbulence focused on in this project comes from the warm upper layer of the ocean mixing with the cool lower layer. The goal of this project was to take measurements of turbulence in the ocean and find correlations within the data and between the data and environment. These data were collected through sensory probes which are attached to an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). Due to the amount of noise caused from various factors within the ocean, there is no clean data. Odas functions and spectral analysis were used in MATLAB to clean and discard bad points. Results were then used to match the curvature of the data to a specific nasmyth line.

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