Resource Assessment

Hydrokinetic Resource Assessment and Device Performance Study

Led by James VanZwieten, Ph.D and Bill Baxley, P.E.
Affiliated Home Campus: Boca Raton and Harbor Branch
Affiliated Department: Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center


Florida Keys Community College (FKCC) began a Two Year Renewable Energy Technician Training Program in September 2017. While educational material relating to Wind and Solar Power exists in abundance, educational material related of Marine Renewable Energy is still in the formative stages. Moreover, accessing this energy resource is very location dependent and it is highly desirable to teach it with a Florida Keys emphasis, both practically and theoretically.

Work was conducted at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and funded by an NSF RET supplemental award. This six week program focused on learning experimental techniques and data analytical methods relating to assessing the potential of Hydrokinetic projects in the Florida Keys. Material generated and experimental procedures learnt will be used in the FKCC Engineering Technology course, Fall 2018.

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