Environmental Impacts

Electrosensory Sensitive Species Study

Led by Stephen Kajiura, Ph.D.
Affiliated Home Campus: Boca Raton
Affiliated Department: Biological Sciences
REU Scholar: Olivia Beres
REU Scholar Home Institution: Washington University in St. Louis


The impact of anthropogenic electric and magnetic fields on the behavior of electro- and magneto-sensitive species is largely unexplored. As offshore power generator installations increase, it becomes critical to understand what environmental impacts they impose. A methodology will be developed to measure in 3 dimensions the magnetic field produced by subsea cables as they port electricity from off shore power generators to the onshore power grid. This project will involve writing code to control a linear translation stage, reading out data from a 3-axis magnetometer, plotting the data in 3 dimensions, and creating a visualized magnetic field. This project would be ideal for someone with a background in computer science, programming, engineering, or robotics.

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