FAU ACI Student Perseveres

Patricia Johnson, FAU Academy for Community Inclusion graduate

by Teresa Crane | Tuesday, Aug 02, 2022

Patricia Johnson has overcome a variety of challenges over the years, but with hard work and persistence reached her goals of graduating from college and achieving competitive employment in the community. On August 9, 2022, she will graduate with a Certificate in Supported Employment from Florida Atlantic University’s Academy for Community Inclusion.

FAU Academy for Community Inclusion is a college program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Academy students earn certificates in the areas of Supported Community Employment, Supported Community Access and Supported Community Living. These certificates are built on courses that lead to community-based employment, independent living and mastery of self-advocacy skills.

"I am grateful for the professors at FAU for helping me get a college degree so I could get a job that I love!" said Patricia Johnson, ACI graduate. 

Finishing college at the ripe, young age of 57 proved no easy accomplishment in the first place, but for Patricia Johnson it was even more challenging because she was born with an Intellectual Disability. During her time at FAU, Johnson realized that her passion was technology. She learned strategies to help enhance her strengths and overcome her weaknesses, improved her interpersonal skills during internships, developed patience during Covid, and ultimately succeeded!

“It has been an honor getting to know Patricia during her time at FAU. She exemplifies FAU’s mission of personal development, discovery and lifelong learning,” said Gwendolyn Cary, Ed.D., ACI Faculty.

Patricia Johnson landed her dream job with Audio America. She inputs data and scans paperwork. She recently got her own desk and soon she will be getting her own office. Johnson’s classmates (who she often refers to as young pups), will miss her greatly, but will be cheering her on as they watch her walk across the stage at FAU 2022 Summer Commencement.

Congratulations Patricia!