Appreciative Advising Academy

Supporting Students on Academic Probation

Appreciative Advising Academy Offerings

Fall 2024
October 8-11
All sessions will be held from 1-5 PM (Eastern Time) synchronously on Zoom
Registration Deadline:
September 10, 2024



What is the Appreciative Advising Academy?

The Appreciative Advising Academy is a highly interactive 4-day professional development course designed for participants to create resources and deliverables that take an appreciative approach in working with specific student populations. While the Appreciative Advising Institute, Appreciative Advising Online Course, and Appreciative Administration Online Course introduce participants to the Appreciative Advising Theory-to-Practice Framework, the purpose of the Academy is for participants to gain deeper knowledge through the tangible application of the Appreciative Advising framework to a specific student population. The topic of the upcoming semester will focus on applying the Appreciative Advising theory-to-practice framework for supporting students on academic probation. Students on academic probation are full of potential and have their own unique assets and needs. The Academy creates a space for participants to share their expertise, cultivate learning opportunities from and with others, and develop a portfolio of deliverables that can be used to make an immediate positive impact in the support of students!

Appreciative Advising Academy: Supporting Students on Academic Probation Learning Outcomes

As a result of active engagement in the Academy, participants will...

  • Synthesize what adopting an Appreciative approach could mean for themselves, their students on academic probation, and their institutions.
  • Evaluate institutional processes and resources for supporting students on academic probation with an Appreciative lens.
  • Design a comprehensive portfolio of Appreciative resources for working with students on academic probation.
  • Analyze current literature and research focusing on students on academic probation.


Participants will engage in hands-on, interactive activities within small groups led by a trained facilitator team that can be immediately implemented within your own institution! Various deliverables are introduced each day including:

  • Appreciative Advising Audit
  • Student Success Team
  • Email to Advisees on Academic Probation
  • Appreciative Note Template
  • Parallel Planning Worksheet
  • Roadmap to the First Meeting
  • Action Plan for Creating Change and Generating Buy-in
  • Personal Appreciative Assessment Plan

We will engage in an interactive activity to introduce the deliverable, and you will have time during the Academy to personalize them and post them to an electronic portfolio to use when working with students. The goal is to leave the Academy with a strong portfolio of actionable resources you can immediately implement within your own institution!

Pre-Requisite for the Appreciative Advising Academy

To ensure that all participants have a baseline knowledge of Appreciative Advising, applicants for the Appreciative Advising Academy must have completed one of the following offerings by the Office of Appreciative Education: the Appreciative Advising Institute, Appreciative Advising Online Course, or the Appreciative Administration Online Course.

Click here to learn more about the Appreciative Advising Institute.
Click here to learn more about the Appreciative Advising Online Course.
Click here to learn more about the Appreciative Administration Online Course.

Please note: If you are an institutional contact responsible for registering two (2) or more persons from your institution and/or if you are registering yourself but know that more than one person will be registering from your institution, please contact Smita Patel at and Katherine McSweeney at for group registration instructions and copy For institutions registering four (4) or more people, a 10% discount will automatically be applied after emailing the addresses mentioned in the previous sentence. (Note: Group registrations will be registered manually by a member of our team and participants should not individually register themselves to avoid duplication errors in our registration system. Participants will receive an email notice confirming their registration. Thank you!)