Appreciative Advising Institute

Mark Your Calendars!

The 2019 Appreciative Advising Institute will be held in sunny Boca Raton, Florida at Florida Atlantic University July 21 - 24!


What Is the Appreciative Advising Institute?

The Appreciative Advising Institute is a four-day event held each summer sponsored by the Office of Appreciative Education at Florida Atlantic University. This Institute is a hands-on, active-learning filled Institute unlike any other conference or institute you have attended before! Advising practitioners, you will leave renewed, refreshed, and inspired to help empower you and your students to become your best selves!

Building on the excitement and momentum from the first seven Appreciative Advising Institutes, the 8th Annual Appreciative Advising Institute will be held in Boca Raton, Florida on the beautiful Florida Atlantic University campus July 21 – July 24, 2019. This highly interactive and hands-on institute will be action-packed and full of practical suggestions for translating the theory of Appreciative Advising into practice. Steeped in the tenets of positive psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, and motivational theory, Appreciative Advising is positively impacting student retention and outcomes at various institutions across the country. Additionally, a qualitative research study has demonstrated that advisors who adopt the Appreciative Advising framework report enhanced effectiveness as professionals, stronger relationships with their students, as well as a positive impact on their personal relationships with co-workers, children, spouses, and friends (Howell, 2010).

The Appreciative Advising Institute is intentionally designed to teach participants the theoretical infrastructure of Appreciative Advising AND to provide skills training in implementing this framework. Unlike most conferences, there will be ample opportunity for attendees to extend theory to practice. Participants will learn how to use the six phases of Appreciative Advising: Disarm, Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver, and Don’t Settle to help their students optimize their educational experiences and to help participants optimize their educational experiences. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their own goals and dreams to optimize their own lives.

Who Should Attend this Institute?

Anyone who works with people! Specifically, professional and faculty advisors will discover ideas that they can take back to their offices and implement immediately. Student affairs professionals and administrators from across campus will take away just as many useful skills and tools as an academic advisor! We also welcome K-12 teachers and administrators!

Why Should You Attend this Institute?

Given the increased pressure on higher education institutions to increase their student retention rates as well as significant decreases in funding revenues, it is clear that the status quo is no longer a defendable position. What these challenging times demand of higher education administrators is a revolutionary approach to student success. Appreciative Advising is that revolutionary approach, focusing on the very best our students have to offer. This Institute will reignite your passion for empowering students and your enthusiasm will be contagious!

"I really enjoyed interacting with the AAI crew. I also really enjoyed how personal Dr. Jennifer Bloom makes advising feel touching everyone of us."
- 2017 Participant

Benefits of Attending

You will get a hands-on learning opportunity to develop Appreciative Advising skills. You will have the opportunity to learn from, work with, and be inspired by, the top Appreciative Advising professionals in the world. You will learn how to revolutionize relationships with your students, family members, friends, and others. You will have the opportunity to interact and network with professionals from across higher education. You will have the opportunity to make a difference!

"It was the best professional development activity I have ever participated in. It provided me with clear action steps to improve my role as a counselor and gave me a new spark of enthusiasm for higher education and working with students."
- 2014 Participant

How the Institute is Unique

Less lecturing, more doing! The Institute provides an opportunity to build substantive relationships with the top Appreciative Advising professionals as well as with colleagues from throughout the country. Small groups allow participants to practice new skills and techniques. You will leave the conference with practical skills and strategies that you can immediately put to use when you return. A fun, energizing atmosphere that will help you remember why you wanted to work in higher education. You will leave refreshed, revitalized, and recommitted to student success!

"I think that the small group format really allows for deep, comprehensive understanding of the AA framework, and sets the AAI apart from other academic conferences.
- 2017 Participant