Appreciative Advising Online Course

We offer a 6-week online course on Appreciative Advising.

Online Course Offerings

Summer 2021 Fall 2021
May 10 - June 21
Registration Deadline
May 6, 2021


September 7 - October 18
Registration Deadline
September 2, 2021

FALL 2021

If you will be registering a group of people from the same institution, please contact Jill Rosen at for instructions.

Appreciative Advising is a constructivist way of thinking that provides a theoretical infrastructure and practical framework for advisors to optimize their interaction with students and colleagues in individual and group settings. Appreciative Advising’s six phase model provides fluid nonlinear scaffold for advisors to “intentionally use positive, active, and attentive listening and questioning strategies to build trust and rapport with students (disarm); uncover students’ strengths and skills (discover); encourage and be inspired by students’ dreams (dream); co-construct action plans with students to make their goals a reality (design); support students as they carry out their plans (deliver); and challenge both themselves and the students to do and become even better (don’t settle)” (Appreciative Advising Whitepaper, 2008). The Appreciative Advising Course will provide a comprehensive overview of all six phases, as well as specific skills and techniques needed to implement the Appreciative Advising framework. Course community members will have the opportunity to learn the theoretical foundations and practical applications.

Course Cost:

$495 for one person (10% discount available to groups of 10 or more from the same institution that register at the same time.)

Required Textbook:

You will need to purchase The Appreciative Advising Revolution for this course.