Appreciative Advising Online Course

We offer a 6-week online course on Appreciative Advising.

Online Course Offerings

Spring 2020 Summer 2020 Fall 2020
February 3 – March 16 May 11- June 22
Registration Deadline: May 7
September 8 - October 19


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Course Cost:

$495 for one person (10% discount available to groups of 10 or more from the same institution that register at the same time.)

Course Overview:

We believe in new things and new ideas. Our teaching philosophy is rooted in the newness created through the process of life-long learning and seeking one’s full potential. It is through this conceptual newness that we teach through a process of shared responsibility. We no more expect to do all of the teaching in this course than we expect our “students” to do all of the learning. We intentionally work to build a community of learners where the responsibility for teaching and learning is shared by instructors and students alike. Building on the work of Bain (2004) we “fundamentally recognize that people will learn best and most deeply when they have a strong sense of control over their own education rather than feeling manipulated by someone else’s demands.”

This course is designed to be a community of learners (instructors included). Each week there will be an assigned reading from The Appreciative Advising Revolution book, a video that provides an overview of the content that will be covered, discussion board questions and additional resources. There will be opportunities for you to interact with other community members through both the discussion board conversations as well as optional live chat dialogues. Actively participating in our community will enhance your own experience and the experiences of all of the other learners in our community. The course is asynchronous meaning that you can cover each week’s material anytime during that particular week on your schedule (most participants report spending 1-2 hours per week on the course). There is also a mid-term and final reflective writing assignment.

The Appreciative Advising Course will also provide a comprehensive overview of all six phases of Appreciative Advising, as well as specific skills and techniques needed to implement the Appreciative Advising framework. Course community members will have the opportunity to learn the theoretical foundation and practical applications.

The Content

Appreciative Advising is a constructivist way of thinking that provides a theoretical infrastructure and practical framework for advisors to optimize their interaction with students and colleagues in individual and group settings. Appreciative Advising’s six phase model provides fluid nonlinear scaffold for advisors to “intentionally use positive, active, and attentive listening and questioning strategies to build trust and rapport with students (disarm); uncover students’ strengths and skills (discover); encourage and be inspired by students’ dreams (dream); co-construct action plans with students to make their goals a reality (design); support students as they carry out their plans (deliver); and challenge both themselves and the students to do and become even better (don’t settle)” (Appreciative Advising Whitepaper, 2008). The Appreciative Advising Course will provide a comprehensive overview of all six phases, as well as specific skills and techniques needed to implement the Appreciative Advising framework. Course community members will have the opportunity to learn the theoretical foundations and practical applications.

Learning Suggestions

Our suggested learning aims:

To inspire our community of learners to think critically and engage actively with topics related to Appreciative Advising and Academic Advising. To provide a foundation of knowledge about Appreciative Advising, in theory and practice, that will allow for personal growth and professional development. To foster a supportive community that allows for dialogue and discussion during the eight-week course, and a collegial network at the conclusion of the course.

Our objective is not to get you to think in a particular way, and it is not to “teach” you to think like us. IN fact, you will quickly notice that we do not think like each other! Your suggested learning aims:

Your aims for the course are just that, yours. While there may be overlap in what you hope to achieve through this course, we anticipate that these will be different for each of you. In the first week of the course, we will ask you to create and share your own aims. Our hope is that you continue to develop your aims for the course well after the first week and that you learn many things that you never intended to learn!

Responsibility for Teaching and Learning

Responsibility for teaching AND learning in the Appreciative Advising course is shared among all community members. Please be prepared to participate every week. We expect you to not only have thoughts, opinions, and ideas; we expect you to share them! We also expect you to thoughtfully and fully consider the opinions and ideas that others present. One of the great joys of teaching this course is the opportunity that we have to see things in new or different ways because the ideas that others bring to the course. We likewise will also actively participate in discussion each week.