Research Methodology

Graduate Course Descriptions

EDF 7482 - Advanced Educational Research

An in-depth analysis of descriptive and experimental research designs that are appropriate for specific educational problems. An original research report will be produced by the student.

STA 7114 – Advanced Statistics

Advanced univariate and multivariate statistical techniques used in educational research are covered. Students are expected to gain knowledge and experience in the use of packaged statistical software in data analysis.

EDF 6481- Educational Research

Provides students with a broad knowledge of the educational research process, research methodologies, statistical applications, and the research proposal writing process.

STA 6113 - Educational Statistics

Provides the student with knowledge of statistical concepts and techniques necessary for critical consumption of educational research.

EDF 6432 – Measurement

Basic concepts in measurement and statistics and their application to research and the evaluation of classroom learning. Covers important attributes of instruments used in educational situations, with particular emphasis on the selection and development of instruments for the collection of research data.