FAU Broward Undergraduate Research Grants

Spring 2015 Broward Undergraduate Research Grant


Broward Student Research Symposium Winners
  • Catheryn Espino and Chris Sartori: Building Broward: A Centennial Exhibition
    • Nominated by Dr. Vladimir Kulic, College of Design and Social Inquiry - Architecture
  • Joshua Conniff: Inhibitory Processing in Relation to Drinking Behaviors Among Young Adults
    • Nominated by Monica Rosselli, College of Science - Psychology
  • Tarak Patel: Assessing Genetic Population Structure of Wahoo, Acanthocybium solandri, on a Global Scale: Molecular Insight for Fisheries Management.
    • Nominated by Dr. John Baldwin, College of Science - Neuroscience
  • Lexie-Ann Holgate: Validation of a New Protocol for Field Measurements of Standard Metabolic Rate in Fish.
    • Nominated by Dr. Tim C. Theisen, College of Science - Biological Science
  • Krizia Kracker and Tasnim Mosabber: Public Awareness, Scientific Knowledge, and Grassroots Activism: The Risks, Benefits, and Technology of Genetic Modification in Florida
    • Nominated by Dr. Patricia Widener, College of Arts and Letters and Science - Sociology and Psychology
  • Sharon Bhooshi: A Case Study of A Research High University’s Branch Campus Commuter  Student Perceptions and Attitudes Regarding Institutional Choice and the Delivery of Academic Program Variety and Majors
    • Nominated by Dr. Dianne A. Wright, College of Arts and Letters - Political Science
  • Laura Perez and Rebecca DePrisco: PBL Nano Comics
    • Nominated by Dr. David Devraj Kumar and Dr. Sabrina Sembiante, College of College of Arts and Letters - Sociology and Multimedia Studies
  • Dietrich Vogel: Evaluation of the Chloride Threshold for a Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Composite in Agressively Corrosive Environments
    • Nominated by Dr. Francisco Presuel-Moreno, College of Engineering & Computer Science - Ocean Engineering
  • Genevieve Cann: The Emerging Multilingual Environment and Multilanguaging Practices of a Trilingual Toddler
    • Nominated by Dr. Sabrina Sembiante, College of Education - Elementary Education
  • Zizah Wosseni-Blair: Evolution of  Major Histocompatibility Genes in Common Snook
    • Nominated by Dr. Colin Hughes, College of Science - Biological Science