FAU Broward Undergraduate Research Grants

Broward Undergraduate Research Grants

Broward Undergraduate Research Grants

Any undergraduate student who took classes in Davie, Dania Beach, or Fort Lauderdale, and engaged in research or creative activity under the mentorship of a Broward-based faculty member was eligible to be nominated for an award of $2,000 to support their work.

The research or creative activity conducted by the student generally took the form of directed research, independent study, or work on a thesis under the direct supervision of a faculty member, rather than work conducted to fulfill regular course or seminar requirements. Up to ten (10) Awards were given out annually.

The grant was awarded through the Link program. Students were eligible to receive one Broward Undergraduate Research Award once every twelve months. Grant recipients were required to submit a two page summary and poster describing the project and their research findings.

Undergraduate Research Grants were used in the following ways:

  1. Compensation for time dedicated to research.
  2. Purchase research equipment or tools and software.
  3. Fund academic conferences.
  4. Fund travel to and from study abroad programs.
  5. Fund membership in academic societies.

Faculty mentors whose students received an award were able to spend up to an additional $1,000 on their own professional development. This might include travel to a conference, registration for a local event, or another expense that supports their own learning.