Multiple Media Appearances by PJHR Affiliate to Discuss the Human Rights Situation in Belarus

Wednesday, Feb 02, 2022
PJHR affiliate Dr. Palina Prysmakova

PJHR affiliate Dr. Palina Prysmakova was recently invited to appear twice on the Sunday evening news show of BelsatTV, the only independent Belarusian television channel.
When invited into the studio in November 2021 , Dr. Prysmakova commented extensively on how referendums can be used in authoritarian countries to suppress the population, and what the true purpose of these events is. She reflected on the referendum scheduled in Belarus for February 2022.
In her most recen t media appearance , in January 2022, Dr. Prysmakova provided her expert opinion on the recent Chatham House sociological survey in Belarus. The survey indicated a strong polarization of society in Belarus and that the general population is concerned about their personal safety in the country.
Since the questionable presidential elections in 2020 that brought to power President Alexander Lukashenko , Belarus has experienced waves of protest. The regime has been maintaining in power through force, which brought about numerous human rights violations, including torture and the deaths of peaceful protestors. The situation requires the attention of the international community, especially with the recent build-up of the Russian military, at the invitation of the Belorussian regime, on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border.
To see video of Dr. Prysmakova's interviews, please click on the below links:
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