Suzanne Pinos

Suzanne Pinos

Doctoral Student
Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing

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Suzanne Pinos has been a professor in the Nursing department at Palm Beach State College for two years. She worked as a Telemetry nurse at West Boca Medical Center for 10 years prior to her teaching career at Palm Beach State. Before discovering her passion for Nursing, she pursued her first college degree in accounting, and worked in the financial/business sectors for over 15 years. Dissatisfied, she returned to her first love, helping and caring for others, and decided to pursue a degree in Nursing. A huge proponent of education, she earned her Master’s degree in Nursing Education in December 2016 at FAU, and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Nursing. Her dissertation focus is centered in Human Trafficking Awareness, as she feels that this issue is lacking qualitative research and needs national attention. Human Trafficking victims, in her opinion, need to be heard, and prevention techniques and research need to be implemented to curb this medical and societal epidemic. It is estimated that millions of people in the United States, and elsewhere are affected directly or indirectly by the human trafficking trade, which results in shocking system of modern-day slavery. While earning her Master’s degree, she also worked as a Research Assistant and held an integral role in several research projects. Currently, Mrs. Pinos is the sitting Interim President of the newly established Palm Beach County chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN). A member of several other organizations, she strongly believes in being a part of change and advocating for it.