Gail Choate

Gail Choate

Adjunct Instructor
Department of Political Science

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After a successful corporate career, Choate turned her attention to inspiring and empowering students to become catalysts for change. As an adjunct instructor at FAU, Choate teaches a unique Introduction to INR class made up of “traditional” FAU students blended with international students enrolled in the Navitas program. Seizing this opportunity to cultivate cross-cultural understanding in a framework of scholarship, she integrates a variety of mediums including simulations, small group research projects, and respectful discussions. In addition, Choate teaches Comparative Politics of Ethnic Conflict as well as Issues in International Relations where themes of human security are balanced with external, internal and international security priorities. Choate is a graduate of FAU where she received her MA in Political Science along with a Peace Studies Certificate. She was recognized with Provost Fellowship, Peace Studies Fellowship, Rae Raskin Memorial Award and FLAS Fellowship whereby she attended the Haitian Summer Institute at FIU.