Join a First-Year Interest Group (FIG) and get the inside scoop on what it takes to excel in your major!

You will meet faculty and staff, make friends, and get connected to YOUR specific college from day one while identifying the skills to be university and career ready!

Your FIG will include a one-credit, eight-week course that you will take with 25 students who are in similar majors.

Your FIG will be a Mixed Online and Classroom experience, where you meet with your instructor face-to-face for one hour each week.  You will also have a fully online component that you will complete to compliment the work that you are doing with your instructor. The online portion of the class is common to all of the FIGS. 



  • take a 1-credit course with 25 other students who share similar majors.

  • have a seminar class that will be led by faculty and advisors from your specific college.

  • have an opportunity to build relationships within your college as soon as classes begin.

  • get the inside scoop on what it takes to excel in your major.

  • have an opportunity to build a community that makes this large research university feel like home. 

Why Join?

If you choose to join a First-Year Interest Group (FIG) for your fall semester, you will take an 8-week class that meets once a week in-person as well as the online component of the course. You will earn 1-credit with the successful completion of your FIG

Joining the FIG program will give you a strong start on your academic journey at FAU.

The FIG @ FAU program starts in the Fall semester and is available for students who start FAU in both the Summer and Fall semesters.

If you took SLS 1410: FAU iSucceed in Summer, you can still take a FIG in fall because they are two different experiences.  iSucceed focuses on building upon your strengths and mindsets whereas the FIG is focused on helping you to be successful in your major and beyond. 


To join a FIG, you will register yourself for your college-sponsored FIG, using the registration information, including course schedules, found on the FIG Registration Information page.

There will be a course reference number (CRN) that is 5 digits and a section number for each FIG.  You will just add the CRN or section number when you are registering yourself for your other courses making sure none of the class times conflict with each other.

If you have any questions about the FIGS @ FAU program, email iSucceed@fau.edu