GRE Course Testimonials

  • “The teacher made difficult work easy and fun. I feel as though I am prepared to do an excellent job on the GRE.” 

  • "I took a class at FAU about 8 years ago. This class was far superior to the class I took at said time. I can tell FAU has poured more resources into helping students prepare for the GRE."

  • "Great Instructor! Very knowledgeable and always welling to help! Makes you understand the material!"

  • To be honest, I was very terrified about the GRE at the start of this course. Although I am still worried, I am more confident with the knowledge gained through this course. I have a better understanding of what is expected and how to really dig out what the GRE is testing me on.

LSAT Course Testimonials

  • "I have taken other LSAT prep classes (two to be exact), and this instructor is by far the best, most knowledgeable and informative instructor I have ever experienced or heard of. His techniques, suggestions and strategies are far more useful than what is given in the books.”

  • "Instructor is extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend this instructor and class."

  • "Glad I took this course early because it was a lot more work than I thought. Instructor was extremely helpful about the LSAT and applying to law school. The information he provided about practicing as an attorney in actual courtrooms was invaluable. It was great to have an instructor who actually does what I want to do in the future."

  • "Instructor is such a helpful teacher. I now feel confident about taking the LSAT. It helps having an instructor that has been teaching the material for many years!"

  • "Instructor was an excellent teacher and possesses a profound knowledge of the material which he is able to convey in a succinct and meaningful way."

MCAT Course Testimonials

  • "Instructor was knowledgeable and offered amazing support for our over testing mindset. The MCAT test has a lot to do with not only content but a positive attitude and he offered that in a seamless matter. His instruction was very helpful and greatly improved my experience."

  • "Great course! Great instructors!"

  • "Instructor's lectures were fantastic. They were valuable and necessary and I feel I learned a ton about testing strategies!"

  • Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and engaging in his subject matter. I truly appreciated his teaching style and I found myself engaged throughout the entire lecture and felt comfortable asking questions afterwards. He is an excellent teacher!"

  • "Knowledgeable and organized. Pretty well paced and made learning more enjoyable!" 

GMAT Course Testimonials

  • “Great course! - very, very helpful, great instructor, made the course very interesting and fun. I would definitely recommend it as it provides a lot of helpful tips!!”

  • “The teacher is excellent! Not only did I get an excellent review in math and verbal skills, but I picked up a few new tricks. I feel well prepared, and my test-taking anxiety has gone down.”

  • "I learned so much and feel more comfortable taking the GMAT. "

  • "Excellent teacher. Good tips and examples"

  • "This course includes two test center practice tests. The first is a diagnostic and the final is right before the class ends. I raised my GMAT score from a 490 which puts me out of range for my top two targeted schools to a 650 which puts me within range my top two targeted schools. I never could have seen this lift without the FAU GMAT prep class. I found the course structure, instruction, homework and interaction extremely engaging and educational. Instructor is very insightful and realistic. I recommend keeping up with the homework. Instructor will answer any questions. I also appreciated learning from and hearing questions from other students. I highly recommend this course to anyone that is considering the GMAT."

SAT Course Testimonials

  • "The best math teacher I’ve ever had! He was able to thoroughly convey every concept in a way that I could understand. He was interesting and funny, and his passion for the work made me feel like I was having fun while doing it.”

  • “After taking the course I went from a 610 in reading to a 750 and a 510 in writing to a 670. Thank you very much! I recommended the class to a few people, after they asked how I got such high scores.”
  •  "This course was very well structured and allowed me to better my SAT test taking skills."

  • "This class  helped me with my test taking strategies and i will use them for the future!"

  • "Such a great and engaging teacher. Very informative and made the class go by quickly since it was so fun. Made us learn in a fun way."

  • "The testing strategies I learned will help me get accepted into the myriad of colleges I am applying to."

GK Review Course Testimonials

  • “I thought that the instructor was the best math teacher I have ever had! I think she may have actually cured my ‘math phobia’. Thank You!” 

  • "Instructor was the most wonderful math teacher I've ever had. When I started, I came in with the expectation of just being lost. I was very happy to see by the end I could actually answer questions correctly. Thanks!"

  • "I never thought that I could ever say that a Math class was enjoyable, but this one was. Instructor was patient, knowledgeable, approachable and had a sense of humor to lighten the anxiety on the subject. I definitely would recommend him to other students."

  • "The course was amazing! I have never understood math but this class explained the math concepts beautifully!"

  • "Excellent teacher. Made math fun and interesting and definitely covered what I need to know for the GK exam." 

ACT Course Testimonials

  • "I'm glad I took this course and definitely learned new skills that I wouldn't have if I just read a review book."

  • "I really like all the strategies instructor gave for the GK. I believe that they will be very helpful. Instructor also showed that she is really concerned with our understanding of the topics, and she finds ways to make it clear."

  • "Instructor is an amazing teacher. As well, she is very intelligent and insightful." 

  • "I am more enthusiastic about learning from taking this course. Instructor was very cordial and made me feel comfortable to ask questions. I enjoyed the visual representation presented with the math strategies"

  • "I really enjoyed the program. I think it was very helpful."