MEDIA CLIPS: Concerning Online Trend of ‘Digital Self-Harm’

Wednesday, Dec 21, 2022
MEDIA CLIPS: Concerning Online Trend of ‘Digital Self-Harm

Sameer Hinduja, Ph.D., professor in the School of Criminology & Criminal Justice (SCCJ), appeared on a recent broadcast of WPEC-CBS 12, where he discussed factors that motivate some teens to engage in digital self-harm; the connection between these behaviors and increased risk of suicidality; and what families need to know about this dangerous, rising trend.

In related news, Ricky Langlois, senior instructor in SCCJ, hosted another installment of the SCCJ’s Virtual Community of Learners (vCoL) for undergraduate students; this one focused on misuse and abuse in social media and gaming platforms and hosted Hinduja as the special guest. Below are data points of note collected during a live poll of the student attendees:

  • How comfortable they feel with the internet and electronic devices: Very
  • What age they created their first social media account: Under 13 years of age (50%)
  • What social media platforms they use: TikTok, Instagram, Discord (top 3)
  • Have they ever been hassled, made fun of, mistreated, or threatened online in a way that definitely affected them and their emotions: 50% said yes
  • What should be the top priorities to combat misuse and abuse online: Building positive climates online; and social and emotional learning

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