Google to Limit Services to Universities


Monday, Jul 25, 2022

To the FAU community,

Google has announced a substantial change to its services and will stop offering unlimited storage for academic institutions.  Due to this change, all FAU Google users will have a 5 GB quota enforced on their account beginning Nov. 30, 2022.

Google Workspace (FAU Owl Apps) storage is shared across Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos, and other Google apps. When your account reaches its storage limit you will not be able to create or store new files and those with Owl Mail (Gmail) will be unable to send or receive messages. This change also impacts Google’s shared drives.

While this new quota is limiting, alternatives are available. All current FAU users have 5 TB of storage through Microsoft’s OneDrive. Microsoft Teams is another option for shared file space and collaboration.

Quotas will start getting placed immediately for new and select accounts. By the end of August, all accounts will have the 5 GB quota placed and users will begin to receive warnings. However, storage limits will not be enforced until Nov. 30.

Visit FAU’s  Reduce Your Google Workspace Storage website for guides on how to reduce storage, options on moving files, and more information.

This message has been sent on behalf of the Office of Information Technology.