Information for Families

If you are the parent or guardian of an incoming student at FAU, your student will be required to complete the Fit First Year for Student Success trainings. To get your student off to a positive start, we want them to be prepared for success at FAU. Three areas that may present challenges revolve around alcohol, personnel health and safety. Thus, we created Fit First Year for Student Success, our three-module, online educational program, to help your student take a closer look at these issues in college.

All incoming FAU students are expected to complete each module by the date provided to them. Transfer students are required to complete AlcoholEdu for College Primary, Sexual Assault Prevention, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion trainings. They are strongly encouraged to complete the Kognito: Mental Health and  Hazing Prevention 101™ trainings. Completion of all modules will take approximately five hours; thus, we strongly encourage your student to not delay in fulfilling this requirement. We believe that the information presented through this online educational program to be helpful in their transition to and success at FAU.


About The Fit First Year Modules for Student Success

AlcoholEdu for College Primary was the nation's first online alcohol prevention program and today is used at more than 500 colleges and high schools nationwide. AlcoholEdu for College Primary is an online alcohol prevention program designed for population-level, primary prevention. Its personalized approach provides an experience that impacts both individual behavior and campus culture.

Sexual Assault Prevention is designed to educate your student on topics of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking awareness. The U.S. federal government mandates that all new students take this training to understand the State of Florida definitions of these crimes and learn bystander intervention and risk reduction techniques.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training for Students is an integral part of our university’s effort to continue to provide varied educational, leadership and engagement opportunities that successfully support all students. In doing so, members of the FAU community can learn and discuss issues related to diversity, inclusion and equity in a respectful teaching and learning environment. As you take this course, keep in mind that our campus is a community that cares and looks out for each other, regardless of background or experiences. The course materials will provide education, resources, and policies that not only assist you during your time at FAU, but in your graduate and professional life afterward

Kognito: Mental Health Training is designed to equip students with knowledge pertaining to emotional wellbeing. Students will learn the signs and symptoms of emotional distress in fellow students. They will also learn about how to approach and connect with fellow students and how to best help them.

Hazing Prevention 101™ Course - College Edition is an evidence-based online course developed with HazingPrevention.Org, reflecting best practices established by leading academics studying hazing. This one-hour awareness and prevention based course teaches college/university students how to recognize, prevent and report hazing. Pre and post surveys are an important part of the program and the data will be used to further efforts for prevention in the future.