Current Students

In order to get all your accommodations met adequately, please follow these steps and submit your paperwork early.

Step 1

Log in to the SAS Clockwork Portal by clicking here . Select ‘Request Accommodation Letters’.   Enter your FAU login and password. Please note, you will not need to add at the end of your login.

Step 2

Request your accommodation letters following the step-by-step tutorial located here . Make sure to complete these steps exactly as stated in the guide; missed steps may lead to requests not showing up in our system. 

Step 3

If you receive notetaking services, complete and submit a Notetaker Request Form to your campus’ appropriate notetaking coordinator. This form can be found here.

Step 4

48 hours after submitting your accommodations request, log into the portal to check if your professors have approved your accommodations. If your accommodations are still pending, send a follow up email to your professor. If you are having difficulties reaching your professor, please contact your SAS Consultant.

Step 5

If you receive notetaking services, please email your campus’ notetaking coordinator letting him/her know which classes you need a notetaker in. Please note, you will have already submitted a notetaker request form. This email should only be sent once you have attended the class and once your professor has approved your accommodations letter. 

Please Note:

Boca Campus: Courtney McGonagle

Broward Campuses: Ashley Ciccolini

Northern Campuses: Valeree Williams

 Last Modified 1/23/17