Current  Students

 In order to get all your accommodations met adequately, please follow these steps and submit your request early.

 Step 1

 Log in to the  SAS Clockwork Online PortalSelect ‘Request Accommodation Letters’.   Enter your FAU login and password. Please note, you will not need to add at the end of your login.

 Step 2

 Request your accommodation letters following the  step-by-step tutorial . Make sure to complete these steps exactly as stated in the guide; missed steps may lead to requests not showing up in our system. 

 Step 3

 If you were approved for notetaking services, log into the portal using your FAU Net ID (do not use “”) and your password. Once logged into the portal, you will see a list of your courses for the selected semester. To receive notes, click on “change this” to ensure it reads Yes, “I require a notetaker”.

 Step 4

 48 hours after submitting your accommodations request, log into the portal to check if your professors have approved your accommodations. If your accommodations are still pending, send a follow up email to your professor. If you are having difficulties reaching your professor, please contact your SAS Consultant.

 Step 5

 If you receive notetaking services, please log into the portal to check on notes; by checking “View uploaded notes” tab allows you to see when your notes were uploaded by the volunteer notetaker. Click on link to the  Notes Portal :   On the right side you can click on “View notes” and download your notes. If your accommodation letter has been acknowledged and no notetaker has been assigned, then contact via email your campus’ notetaking coordinator letting him/her know which classes you need a notetaker in. You will be notified by email when your volunteer notetaker uploads new notes.


Please Note:

 Boca Campus: Rebecca Eagen

 Broward Campuses: Ashley Ciccolini

 Northern Campuses: Rebecca Eagen

 Last Modified 5/24/18