How You Can Get Involved

Support Research:

  • Support organizations that work to understand Harmful Algal Blooms and their impacts on people, wildlife and the overall health of the Indian River Lagoon.


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Support Leadership

  • Talk to local policy makers about HAB-related concerns and encourage them to work with other officials in state and federal governments to ensure the health and safety of the IRL so that it may continue to be an economic and recreational resource to Florida.

Educate Yourself

  • Learn more about the health of the Indian River Lagoon as well as the role that humans play in the occurrence of Harmful Algal Blooms.
  • Visit environmental education centers and participate in related public programs, courses and activities.

Educate Others

  • Support programs that seek to educate our families, neighbors, school children and tourists as well as important state and local stakeholders.
  • Share what you’ve learned about the importance of the IRL, the threats that Harmful Algal Blooms pose, the role humans play and what people can do to help.

Take Responsibility

  • As a resident, understand the role that you play in the health of the Indian River Lagoon as well as harmful algal blooms around Florida and take actions to minimize your impacts.
  • Practice “Florida safe” landscaping by choosing native plants for your garden, limiting fertilizer use and choosing a fertilizer with slow-release nitrogen. Avoid fertilizing during the rainy season or near waterways to prevent fertilizer run-off.
  • Minimize excess water usage, especially during rainy months.
  • Do not allow yard waste to enter drainage canals or waterways.
  • If your home has a septic system, ensure that it is operating properly, maintained regularly and does not leak. If possible, consider switching to the city’s sewer system.
  • While recreating, avoid seagrass beds and oyster reefs; these important organisms keep local waters clean and healthy. Damage to these plants and animals take many years to fully recover and impact their ecosystem services.
  • Be an advocate! Experience and enjoy the Indian River Lagoon and bring awareness to efforts that protect and conserve this important estuary for generations to come.

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