A Review of Holography in the Aquatic Sciences: In situ Characterization of Particles, Plankton, and Small Scale Biophysical Interactions

By: A.R. Nayak, E. Malkiel, M.N. McFarland, M.S. Twardowski, J.M. Sullivan.

Frontiers in Marine Science

Photo Identification Guide of the Benthic Taxa Inhabiting the Mesophotic Reefs of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

By: Reed, John K., Stephanie Farrington, María Cristina Díaz, Shirley A. Pomponi, Dennis Hanisak.

Harbor Branch Oceanographic Technical Report Number 197

Microcystins and Saxitoxin Dynamics in the Indian River Lagoon, Florida

By: A.E. Laureano-Rosario, M. McFarland, D.J. Bradshaw II, J. Metz, R.A. Brewton, T. Pitts, C. Perricone, S. Schreiber, N. Stockley, G. Wang, E.A. Guzmán, B.E. Lapointe, A. Wright, C. Jacoby, M.S. Twardowski 

Science Direct


Algal Bloom-Related Illness: Improving Health Outcomes in Primary Care.

By: N. Harris, A.S. Schaefer, S.C. Gordon, D. Esposito, K. Harvey, P. Alderman, J.S. Reif

Journal Nurse Practitioners

Caloosahatchee River- North Fort Myers Nutrient and Bacteria Study: Year 2

By: B.E. Lapointe, R.A. Brewton, K. Tyre, D. Baladi, L.W. Wilking, L.W Herren Lee County Board of County Commissioners, Lee County Natural Resources Department (Technical Report)

Fort Myers, FL.

Coupled Groundwater – Surface Water Sampling: CPSL North Fork MST Phase II

By: B.E. Lapointe, R.A. Brewton, D. Baladi

City of Port St. Lucie Public Works Department (Technical Report)

City of Port St. Lucie, FL.

Detection of Brevetoxin in Human Plasma by ELISA. Journal of Analytical Toxicology

By: B.R. Cunningham, R.C. Coleman, A.M. Schaefer, E.I. Hamelin, R.C. Johnson

Enhanced Light Absorption by Horizontally Oriented Diatom Colonies. 

By: M. McFarland, A.R. Nayak, N. Stockley, M. Twardowski, J. Sullivan.

Frontiers in Marine Science

Exposure to Microcystin Among Coastal Residents During a Cyanobacteria Bloom in Florida

By: A. Schaefer, L. Yrastorza, N. Stockley, K. Harvey, N. Harris, R. Grady, J. Sullivan, M. McFarland, J. Reif


Harmful Algal and Cyanobacterial Toxins in Foraging Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) in Florida's Big Bend

By: J. Perrault, C. Perkins, M. Ajemian, M. Bresett, C. Mott, A. Page-Karjian


High-Resolution Sampling of a Broad Marine Life Size Spectrum in Relation to Shelf Biophysical Characteristics.

By: A.T. Greer, J.C. Lehrter, B.M. Binder, A.R. Nayak, R. Barua, A.E. Rice, J. Cohen, M. McFarland, A. Hagemeyer, N.D. Stockley, K.M. Boswell, I. Shulman, S. deRada, B. Penta

Nutrient Over-Enrichment and Light Limitation of Seagrass Communities in the Indian River Lagoon, an Urbanized Subtropical Estuary 

By: B.E. Lapointe, L.W. Herren, R.A. Brewton, P. Alderman. 

Science of the Total Environment

Optical Backscattering and Linear Polarization Properties of the Colony Forming Cyanobacterium Microcystis 

By: S. Zhai, M. Twardowski, J.D. Hedley, M. McFarland, A.R. Nayak, T. Moore. Optics Express


Integrated Observing Systems: An Approach to Studying Harmful Algal Blooms in South Florida. 

By: A. Schaefer, D. Hanisak, M. McFarland, & J. Sullivan 

Journal of Operational Oceanography

Measurement of Microcystin and Nodularin Activity in Human Urine by Immunocapture-Protein Phosphatase 2A Assay

By: R. Wharton, B. Cunnigham, A. Schaefer, S. Guldberg, E. Hamelin, R. Johnson 


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