Florida International Leadership Conference (FILC)

FAU Internal Applications for the 2024 FILC has closed. Selected students have been notified. We encourage to apply again for next year!


FILC is an annual student conference organized by the Florida Association of International Educators (FAIE). Over the last few years, the conference has attracted over 180 international students and U.S. study or service abroad students across Florida. With the support of the FAIE, the conference provides a unique leadership training experience and networking opportunity for this group of student leaders. To learn more about the FILC, please visit https://faie.org/2024-filc/ 

Goals of FILC:

  • To enhance leadership skills.
  • To promote friendships and networks among international and study-abroad students.
  • To acknowledge and reward student leaders who work to promote international understanding on campus.
  • To challenge students to see themselves as global leaders.
  • To recognize the different styles of leadership across cultures.

The Center for Global Engagement (CGE) selects ten students to represent FAU at the FILC each year. FILC 2024 will be held from Friday, April 5 to Sunday, April 7, 2024 , at Camp Cloverleaf, Lake Placid, Florida.

By attending FILC, students  have a unique opportunity to enhance your leadership skills, build friendships and networking, share educational experiences, and promote global education. If you want to challenge yourself as a global leader, do not miss out on this great opportunity!

Experiences From FILC 2023 Attendees

The 2023 FILC was held from Friday, Febrary 10 to Sunday, Febrary 12, 2023 at Camp Cloverleaf, Lake Placid, Florida. These are our student representatives who attended the 2023 FILC and their takeaways! 


FILC 2023 Students' feedbacks:

"This experience was amazing and allowed me to meet one of the most supportive groups of people I have ever met. Through team-building activities, I was able to connect with educators and students from other countries and learn more about their cultures. This conference also allowed me to try new activities like bonfires and kayaking. The keynote sessions as well as the presentations on cross-cultural leadership redefined my perception of leadership. They also made me more confident not only as a leader but also as an international student, " - Winy Euristil, from Haiti.

"I am grateful and inspired after participating in the FILC Leadership Conference. It was an incredible experience being in the company of such gifted and driven individuals from various parts of the globe. The conference's keynote speakers, workshops, and networking events offered valuable perspectives and expertise that I can use to enhance my personal and professional life. The workshops were well-organized and informative, providing practical strategies and tools that attendees could apply to their work and personal lives. The conference organizers did an excellent job creating a seamless and enjoyable event, from registration to the conference's final day. I am already excitedly anticipating next year's conference," - Mohammed Selim, from Egpyt. 

"I enjoyed my time in FILC this year. It was different than my previous experience as this time I was involved with the managerial side of it. Like previously, I thoroughly enjoyed my time and was as involved as previous year. FILC made me realized once again that there is more than yourself that you can towards the society, and you should not be ashamed my presenting yourself for the leadership positions," - Sheikh Muhammad Asher, from Pakistan.

"I was hesitant to go but I am glad that I attended FILC23.  Being surrounded by students from all over the world, networking and sharing experiences made the process of adjusting to the U.S. much easier. Moreover, attending the speaker sessions really helped me appreciate the importance of cross-cultural leadership in our global community. Lastly, by accommodating my religious dietary needs the FILC management really showed how inclusive the entire conference experience was," Omair Faqah, from Pakistan.