A Parent's Guide to Fraternity and Sorority Life at Florida Atlantic

Helping your student prepare for college is an adventure that can be positive, challenging, rewarding, and overwhelming (sometimes all at once). During their time at Florida Atlantic, your son or daughter will have many opportunities to get involved with our campus community and expand their horizons. Fraternity and sorority life being a premiere experience it is vital that you, as a parent, be educated and encouraging about the enriching and exciting experiences that your student will find through their involvement in a fraternity or sorority at Florida Atlantic.

What is being involved in a fraternity or sorority all about?

There are many depictions of fraternity and sororities in the main-stream media today; allusions by television characters and anchors immoral and lewd behavior are synonymous with actions of fraternity and sorority members. While those images may have once taken place on college campuses we can tell you that they have no place here and are not welcomed at Florida Atlantic. Our fraternity and sorority community is committed to doing more and being more; being individuals of action and continues personal development. Your son or daughter will certainly find a home-away-from home, an opportunity to get involved and make friends, but more over they are going to join this experience to become better, more ethical men and women. At FAU, we whole heartedly believe that there are eight core reasons for why fraternities and sororities exist and they also serve as outcomes for your son or daughters membership experience. If you will turn to the inside page of this brochure you will find our purpose.

My son or daughter is considering joining a fraternity or sorority, how should I advise them?

Joining a fraternity or sorority is a lifelong commitment – we suggest that you engage your student in a conversation about their decision to seek membership. You might consider sitting down with your student and researching the organizations on our campus – utilizing the local chapter and national websites is a great and convenient way to gather general and financial information. Encourage your student to contact current students who are actively involved and get more information about their experience.

As an educated parent, consider asking the following questions before your child joins a fraternity or sorority:

  • What is expected of fraternity/sorority members?
  • How will membership affect your student's academics?
  • What leadership opportunities are available to students as both new members and active members?
  • Does the chapter perform hands-on community service? If so, how often?
  • Does the fraternity or sorority require members to live in the facility (if housing is available)? If so, for how long?
  • What are the expenses associated with membership? How does this vary as a new member?
  • What type of member is the chapter looking for?
  • What values does this organization promote?
  • Is the organization officially recognized by the University? If not, what is the case?
  • What is the time commitment?

Greek Parent Orientation

View the Greek Parent Orientation from LaunchPoint on Vimeo.

I am not Greek, how can I learn more about it?

Websites to take a closer look at: