Our Purpose


Fraternity men and sorority women will live their organizations’ founding principles in today’s world.


The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life equips students with the necessary tools to achieve academic success, career readiness, and holistic wellness.

We assist students in their development of personal approaches to leading principled lives through peer accountability within the University's diverse campus community and, the global society.

The Office will also engage alumni to foster a greater affinity for Florida Atlantic University.


organizational purpose

We were all founded upon principles that guide the actions of our organization. These principles are why we have continued to exist for over 100 years and what makes us different than other groups on campus. This is really what fraternity and sorority is all about – leading a principled life.

community expectation and high standards

Committing to our organizations’ guiding principles means that we are expected to live up to the high ideals associated with membership. Along with individual expectations, our chapters and community as a whole are held to a higher standard. We will lead by example.

social and personal development

Fraternities and sororities can provide one of the most meaningful experiences on campus. They foster outlets for members to develop as individuals through personal experiences and shared interactions.

responsibility to self and others

Brotherhood and sisterhood are an inherent benefit and foundation of our membership. Taking care of ourselves and taking care of others is at the heart of this experience.

intellectual growth and genuine learning

We are here to learn. Fraternities and sororities provide us with an opportunity to enhance that process through our focus on academic achievement and intellectual development inside and outside of the classroom.

global citizenship and engagement

In today’s world it is essential to be an active member of our community. We are committed to engaging in our campus, local, national, and global communities. The process of giving back and being involved is a priority throughout this experience.

relationship building

Well-built relationships, inside and outside of our organization, are what create our lifelong benefits. Through relationships that we work hard to develop and maintain, we are better able to accomplish our personal and organizational goals because we are surrounded by those who support us in our endeavors.

innovative thought and action

There is no road-map for becoming a high performing individual or organization. Fraternities and sororities provide us with an opportunity to challenge the status quo, think differently, and turn ideas into action.