Sigma Iota Alpha Crest

Sigma Iota Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Colony (Fall 2022 Expansion)

Motto:   Semper Unum et Inseparabilis (Always One and Inseparable)

Mission Statement:

As Hermanas of Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha Inc., our mission is to uphold the goals set forth by our thirteen founding mothers. We pledge to formalize, cultivate, and foster bonds amongst each other as sisters and abide by respect, trust, communication, professionalism, and accountability.

Core Values: 
To constantly strive towards the expansion of awareness of the Latino culture at large.
To promote sisterhood and leadership among our members.
To serve as models of excellence in education and achievement among women.

National Founding Date: September 29, 1990

Colors: Red, Gold, & Royal Blue, with Black and White as background colors

Symbols: Unicorn & Pegasus

Flower: Red Rose

Philanthropy: International: Children International
National: One Heartland, Special Olympics, March of Dimes & Multiple Sclerosis
Local: Sisters In Action


National Website

Instagram: @sia.fau