ASB BT-672 Office Depot Center for Executive Education

Boca Raton Campus"HR Daze", 2008
Commission $9,500

Robert Huff  (1945 -        )
Miami, Florida
"HR Daze",  2008
Acrylic and pencil on panel 4' x 6' x 3/4"

HR Daze comes from my ongoing observations of organic and architectural forms in the environment.  Additionally, my working process of adding to and taking away may be a metaphor for what happens in the natural world.  We are surrounded by and players in this constant performance of destruction and reclaimation.  Wonder, shock, moral and ethical questions, as well as great beauty abound. 

Physically, the piece works as a window to my imaginary landscape.  The architectural forms and details of this building have dictated the size and shape of this window.  Technically it is fabricated on a series of honeycomb panels with acrylic paint, pencil and blackboard paint.  The piecing together of these sections suggests narration…a time element to the drama of the landscape.

I hope that the work poses some questions for the viewer about environment and the amazing struggle of natural and manmade elements.

Located on the second floor hallway of Office Depot Center for Executive Education building, installed December 2008.

Boca Raton Campus
Commission $9,500

"Round Form", 2009

Karl Saliter  (1966 -        )
Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut
"Round Form", 2009
3/8" solid steel and rocks,

My uncut stones on rod-built spheres, often connote growth, or motion.  To me, this work is primarily an embodiment of gratitude.  With bent rods and stones gathered from rivers and shores, I infuse my work with life. I make large, outdoor works because they relate powerfully to the viewer. I want people to feel life and motion in the sculpture .

Located on the grass area in front of the Office Depot Center for executive Education building, installed April 2009