What is the Art in State Buildings Program?

The Art in State Buildings Program was established in 1979 by the Florida Legislature. It requires that each appropriation for construction of a new state building with public access will include an amount for acquiring artwork for permanent display.

This amount cannot be more than half of one percent (.5%) of the total appropriation or $100,000(whichever is less). See the enabling legislation, Section 255.043, Florida Statutes for details.

The ASB statute applies only to buildings that provide "public access." Those facilities that members of the public would not normally visit, such as maintenance sheds, laboratories, secure areas or prisons, are not considered eligible for this program.

This permanent art collection owned by the citizens of Florida has an amazing variety of artworks. These works, both interior and exterior, grace the many different buildings that are used by state agencies and on state university campuses. Art and design are vital to construction projects - we can be proud that Florida law recognizes the value and benefits of providing public art.