Participating artists must have a certain level of expertise and recognition in their field. Artists may enter multiple projects but because each project has its own art selection committee, the artist must send a separate entry for each project.

Resumes should illustrate that the artist has met at least two (2) of the following criteria:

  • the artist has completed public commissions similar in budget to the proposed project;
  • the artist's works are included in major public, private, corporate or museum collections;
  • the artist has received awards, grants or fellowships;
  • the artist has had a one-person exhibition in a museum within the past five years.

    If you meet two (2) of these requirements, please adhere to the following general guidelines including any specific information required for a project.

Required material

Statement  - A paragraph that explains why your artwork is perfect for this project and how the submitted images relate to the project requirements. This should not yet be a site-specific proposal.
Resume  - A current professional resume, emphasizing public art experience, public collections and public commissions.
ID Sheet  - Image identification page(s) that provides for each submitted image:
          Image number
          Thumbnail image of the work
          Title of work
          Date of work
          Price of work or amount of commission
The ID Sheet must be headed with the specific project number and name, and the artist's name, address, phone number and email address.
Images  - 5 – 20 digital images on CD.
The first five images on CD will be seen in the initial blind review. Don't forget to provide the committee with details/close-ups of large or complex artworks.

Tips for CD submittal:

  1. CD must be in a protective case and be clearly labeled with artist’s name and the project name.
  2.  Each image file should be named with the artist's last name, image number on ID Sheet, and artwork title (use representative words of a long title). If the image is a detail, please indicate that as well.
  3. When naming the file, please avoid the following characters: / \ " ' * ; - ? [ ] ( ) ~ ! $ { } < > # @ & |
  4. Images should be in .JPG format with a minimum resolution of approximately 800x600 pixels (higher resolutions like 1900x1500 pixels provide sharper projected images)
  5. CDs should be formatted for the MS Windows environment only.
  6. Artwork with sound or motion may be submitted as short MP3s.

We do not accept Powerpoint presentations or digitally watermarked images. Images should not have the name of the artist added to them digitally. Any image which emphasizes the artist’s name, will not be presented to the committee. The original signature on the work of art is acceptable.

Other Tips for Submission:
    -  Prices for existing works must include delivery or shipping costs and works must be framed or ready to install. The committees have no “extra” funds for framing or shipping.
    - It is important to include the prices of your work, even if the budgets are of commission projects. If committees are unable to determine if a particular kind of art work is within their budget, they tend to bypass that artist.
    - Be sure to indicate on your Image ID Sheet which art works are currently available for purchase.
    - Use a large font on your Image ID Sheet and provide a thumnail image that is large enough to see.  Remember, we are looking at application materials in the dark. For the same reason do not use dark or colored paper.
    - Do not send your Statement, Resume, and Image Sheet in notebooks (ring binders), cardboard folders or plastic sheet protectors. A case is requested for CDs only.
    - CDs will be discarded so a SASE is not necessary.


NOTE: FAU's ASB Program Coordinator corresponds through e-mail. Please provide a valid e-mail address in your application.

 Artists should submit their completed application(s) by 5pm on the deadline date listed in the Call(s) to Artist to the following address::

Florida Atlantic University
Art in State Buildings
BT-###, Building Name
Attn: Corina Mavrodin
777 Glades Road Bldg. 69, Room 104
Boca Raton, FL 33431

For express delivery, please submit application material to the same address as above.

*Please remember to note the project number (e.g. BT-679) in the mailing address.

New -  The required documents can be sent via e-mail to as long as the images submitted satisfy the CD submital. If the images are too large to be sent thru e-mail, the artists may also use the free website

For any other questions/concerns please contact Corina Mavrodin via email or at 561-297-0541.