ASB Project in Progress

  1. BT-624 FAU-UF Joint Use Facility

      Art Committee members selected Living Lenses (Po Shu Wang and Louise Bertelsen) to comission an outdoor sculpture titled "A Symphony of Nature" consisting of one large stainless steel up-side-down teardrop shape (24'h x 7'w) suspended in the facade opening at the 3rd and 4th floor level of the structure containing an antenna that captures the sound of lightening, one mini-computer installed inside the building that will transform the lightening sounds into musical notes (based on Schumann resonance), and one stainless steel hemisphere (7' diameter) installed at the ground level containing a speaker that will transmit the musical notes generated by the computer.

  2. BT-678 Culture and Society Building

      The art committee selected Mathew Salenger (Colab Studio LLC) to commission a site specific artwork.

  3. BT-643 FAU/HBOI Research Lab II and BT-645 FAU/HBOI Link Building Renovation

      The art committee will meet on March 14th, 2013 to select finalists.

 Items last updated , February 6, 2013

Please direct any comments and questions to Corina Mavrodin.