ASB BT-616 College of Engineering and Computer Science

Boca Raton Campus
Commission $94,400E-waste wall

Jefre Manuel Figuera  (1972 -   ) Orlando, Florida
"E-Waste", 2010 e-waste sculpture, 670 sq. ft. of e-waste composed of uniformly powder coated monitors, keyboards, circuit boards, cables, peripherals and cpu towers attached with liquid adhesive and stainless steel hardware with the dimension of 41.5’x16’ 
Two stainless steel benches 18”x18”x8’ with water jet punched of binary codes

In 2010, The United States generated over 3 million tons of Electronic waste, or "e-waste". E-waste is generated when electronics such as computers, cell phones, televisions and cameras are discarded as new technologies are developed. JEFRE worked with FAU to collect over 5000 sqft of e-waste and artistically recycled as a mural above to educate consumers of a growing hazardous byproduct of technology and development

The e-waste wall is located inside the lobby of Engineering East building. The benches are located in the plaza in front of the building.
Installed in 2010.