ASB BR-678 Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts

Boca Raton CampusASB BR-678 Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts
Commission $32,000

Richard Heipp, (1952- ) Gainesville, Florida
"The Muses", 1996 Overall installed dimensions: 8’ x 50’ x 6"
Four plasma cut 3/8" stainless steel figures, 72" tall each, 10-1/4" x 10" cut bronze symbols, one 5’ x 7" back-lighted, acrylic on plastic painting, two 5’ x 5’ framed acrylic on plastic paintings

This installation explores a metaphorical relationship between the arts and humanities through their history and execution as well as their patronage and mythology. It presents a recontextualization of classical, neoclassical, and contemporary notions by lifting imagery and themes from mythology, classical Greek sculpture, 19th century neoclassical sculpture, and glyph-like symbols. The general conceptual configuration revolves around the ancient notion of the Muses. The work attempts to touch upon all of the disciplines represented in the Schmidt College.

Located in the lobby of the D. F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters, installed in 1996 .