ASB BR612/636 Student Activities/University Center

Boca Raton CampusASB BR-612/636 Student Activities/University Center
Commission with additional funding $25,191

Robert Sindorf  (1951 - )
Croton, New York
"Tranquil Sea", 2004
Granite, 2"h x 5’w x 24’l

Tranquil Sea  derives from Japanese chozubachi, a still water basin. In nature, stone and water are everywhere. Stone is solid and immobile; water is liquid and ever changing. Moving over stone, the sound of water soothes and heals.

Though the sound of the cascade long since has ceased, we still hear the murmur of its name.  -Japanese poem in the Hyakunin isshu.

Located at the south side entry plaza exterior to the University Center, installed 2004.