University Emergency Plans

All University units are required to have Emergency Response Plans and Continuity of Operations Plans. Some University units may also be required to have additional or more specific plans. At a minimum, all plans must address the following items:

  1. Preparing for emergency events; updating notification trees, identifying and stocking emergency supplies etc.; 
  2. Evacuating and sheltering-in-place procedures in an emergency and for response to fires, bomb threats, chemical spills, hurricanes, etc.;
  3. Assessing damage to facilities and equipment and resources; and
  4. Activating continuity of operations plans and performing mission essential functions either at the primary or an alternate site.  

All units are required to review and revise their plans at least once a year. Plan review should also occur as a result of, but is not limited to, the following circumstances:

  1. Organizational restructuring within the unit or that affects the unit, such as University-wide reorganization (this includes changes in unit name)
  2. Changes in personnel or assigned responsibilities
  3. Changes in unit facilities (this includes location or layout)

You may view the President's most recent planning memo:  2024 Presidential Planning Memo

Please adhere to Procurement regulations regarding procurement of resources for Units. Some items recommended within the plan addresses individual preparedness and expense. Contact the Procurement department with any questions related to purchasing. 

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Unit Plan Submissions
The deadline to submit plans is Friday, March 29th, 2024 . Plans may be submitted directly to our submission portal. If you have any questions or need assistance with the submission portal, contact
Unit Emergency Response Plan

The FAU Unit Emergency Response Plan(s) coordinate university resources to assist in mitigating and preparing for different types of hazard-specific emergencies that could affect unit personnel or facility/location and to deal efficiently with the effects of these events when they do occur; to respond to save and protect lives and protect infrastructure, resources, and the environment; to promote a means to continue critical functions and essential services and recover and resume normal operations.  This plan will be activated as appropriate for emergencies involving operations occurring under the auspices of the University regionally, nationally and internationally.
Unit Emergency Response Plan (Template)


Hurricane Specific

Pandemic Specific:

Sample Pandemic


Unit Pandemic Influenza Plan     Guide & Template     Word    PDF
Unit Pandemic Influenza Plan     Template Only   Word     PDF
Unit Continuity of Operations Plan

To accomplish the university's mission, Florida Atlantic University must ensure its operations are performed with minimal disruption during all-hazards emergencies or other situations that may interrupt normal operations. The purpose of the Unit Continuity of Operations Plan (UCOOP) is to provide the framework for Florida Atlantic University to continue or rapidly restore department-wide 

Essential Functions in the event of an emergency  t hat affects daily operations. 

The  Essential Functions Section identifies activities that may not sustain an interruption over 30 days for the university to continue operating at its typical status.    The UCOOP    is   designed to sustain essential  unital functions until normal operations can be restored following an emergency or other incidents. It addresses the following disruptions to normal operations:

  1. Loss of    a facility, access to a facility , or   loss of a   portion of a facility
  2. Loss of services due to a reduced workforce
  3. Loss of services due to equipment or utility failure
The    UCOOP identifies and addresses  the following   Unit-specific information such Description of  the Unit, Critical  Resources, Essential Functions Reconstruction, Plan Maintenance,Testing, Training and Exercise, and Annexes.

All FAU Units are required to create and maintain a Unit Continuity of Operations Plan (UCOOP) which should be updated annually to reflect changes to pertinent unit information as appropriate. University Policy 1.14  sets the expectations for all emergency management efforts at the University.

Unit planning is administered and recorded through the Department of Emergency Management.  A Unit’s plan is available only to those individuals with access approved by Department/Division heads and granted by the Department of Emergency Management. In addition to storing the UCOOP with the Department of Emergency Management, departments should distribute the UCOOP to all personnel and maintain an electronic and hard copy of their UCOOP.

Unit Continuity of Operations Plan (UCOOP) Development Guide
Unit Continuity Operations Plan Template
Unit Level Planning Resources

There are several resources to assist Unit Supervisors, or designees, in the process of effectively developing, refining, and evaluating unit-level planning pictures. Below are some of the resources we encourage you to take advantage of:

FAU Department of Emergency Management Resources:

  1. Introduction to Unit-Level Planning: The Department of Emergency Management conducts group training sessions at the start of the planning period which gives a broad overview of how to effectively navigate developing and refining your Unit Emergency Response Plan and your Unit Continuity of Operations Plan.
  2. One-on-One Unit Planning Meeting: On a first-come-first-serve basis the Department of Emergency Management will conduct individual unit-specific planning meetings to assist you in the development of your Unit Emergency Response Plan and/or Unit Continuity of Operations Plan. To request a planning session please complete the following FORM:  Planning Meeting Request

Federal Emergency Management Agency Resources:

 The following are additional resources that may assist in giving you an introduction and overview of the continuity of operations.

FEMA Continuity of Operations (COOP) Awareness Course (IS-546.A) 
FEMA Introduction to Continuity of Operations (COOP) Course (IS-547a)


For all EMERGENCY CALLS dial 9-1-1


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